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Mid masari skylord

Masari Sky Lord

General Edit

The Sky Lord is the Masari's most powerful flight-capable unit. She can attack ground.

Light Mode Edit

The Sky Lord can fly. She has increased visual and attack range as well as speed. She fires a spread of 3 projectiles which cannot be redirected. They do splash damage and apply damage over time. They are strong against almost all targets.


Type: Large Piloted Flying
Movement: Flying
Max. Speed: 2.5
Health: 550
Armor: Masari Aircraft
Sight: 280
Crush Defense: 60
Crush Power: 6


Type: Light Bomb
Range: 50-280
Damage: 30
Splash Radius: 40
Shots per burst: 1
Shots per spread: 3
Recharge: 5.0 seconds
DPS: 6 (18)
DoT Type: Purifying Light
Damage: 6 per second
Duration: 10 seconds

Dark Mode Edit

The Sky Lord cannot fly. She gains elite vehicle armor and Dark Matter Armor. She attacks with a line of dark energy which cannot be redirected. It does splash damage and slows enemies. It is strong against vehicles and Walkers but weak against Masari Dark Matter armor.


Type: Large Piloted
Movement: Infantry
Max. Speed: 1.8
Health: 550
Armor: Masari Vehicle Elite
DMA: 300
DMA Regen.: 8
Sight: 200
Crush Defense: 60
Crush Power: 6


Type: Dark Fissure
Range: 0-180
Damage: 10
Splash Radius: 30
Shots per burst: 5
Shot delay: 0 seconds
Recharge: 3.0 seconds
DPS: 16.7
Snare: 6%
Duration: 5.0 seconds

Production Edit

Method: Built by Flight Machina

Knowledge Vault with Forbidden Knowledge

Cost: 175

Time unassisted: 1:10

1 Architect: 00:47
2 Architects: 00:35

Pop: 6

Upgrades Edit

Cleansing Energy

Effect: Harmful status affects are lost when the mode is changed

Method: Research Balance Branch Suite 3

Dark Matter Affinity

Effect: Dark Matter Armor is filled when Dark Mode is entered

Method: Research Dark Matter Branch Suite 3

Dark Matter Mastery

Effect: Dark Matter Armor regenerates in combat

Method: Research Dark Matter Branch Suite 4


Effect: Repels nearby air units

Method: Research Dark Matter Branch Suite 2

Radius: 200

Cooldown: 0:10


Effect: Has 50% chance to reform instantly with half health when destroyed

Method: Research Light Matter Branch Suite 3

Unit QuotesEdit

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Sky Lord in position.
- Accept no substitutes.
- I am the lord of these skies.
- Is there a problem?
- Atlatea rules the sky!
- I am no stranger to pain.
- So now it ends.
- One power absorbs another.
- I will see them lie cold in the earth.
- I've tried to be nice.
- Get out of my sky!
- My shadow will fall on thee!
- Death from above!
- Give my regards to oblivion!
- Come dance with death itself!
- True to form!
- I go to make war.
- Like clockwork.
- I'll let it slide this time.
- We ride the thunder.
- As straight as an arrow.
- Into the face of danger.
- Like the wind!
- Turn for the better.
- With fury!
- Eeeaaaaaaaaaaah!
- Haaaaaaaaaah!
- Raaaaaaaaaah!
- Eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!
- Death cannot stop me!
- I live! Again!
- Reborn!
- That was an unworthy death.
- Sky Lord restored. Awaiting command.


- Light Mode Sky Lords have longer range than Redirection Turrets (and most other defenses).

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