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The Flow tech tree improves the flow network of the Novus allowing faster travel around the map.


This will show how you advance down this tech tree by a chart.

Research EffectsEdit

Suite 1 Edit

Rapid Flow - Travel speed increased by 50% for all units moving through the flow network.
Patch: Visual Amplifier - All units and structures receive an 18% bonus to sight range while patch is active.

Cost - 1,000

Time - 00:35

Suite 2 Edit

Call Hero: The Founder - The Founder is now ready to join the battle to ensure victory for Novus.
Stealth Upgrades - Upgrades Field Inverter's shield to cloak all units beneath it. Blade Troopers gain passive cloaking.
Patch: Spectrum Cycle - Stealth detection is applied to all Novus units and structures while patch is active.

Cost - 1,500

Time - 00:50

Suite 3 Edit

Advanced Flow - All Novus units, including ground and air vehicles, can now use Flow Conduits to travel through the network.
Power Efficiency - Flow Generators' and Flow Conduits' transmission range increased by 75%.
Nanite Purification - Upgrades Flow to cleanse all friendly units of negative effects when units travel through the network.

Cost - 2,000

Time - 1:10

Suite 4 Edit

Cascade Resonance - Upgrades the Amplifier's beam weapon, allowing it to jump to nearby targets of the same type, including walker hard points.
Patch: Emergency Flow - Instantly brings all structures back on-line regardless of flow connection for the duration of the patch.
Patch: Overclocking - CPU processing speed for all Novus units is increased by 50%. While the patch is active, all units will fire and move twice as fast, but take 50% more damage from enemies.

Cost - 3,000

Time - 1:30

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