Modifying the game adds alot of spice to the game. The mod files are as follows

Code - XML & LUA
Skinning - Photoshop, Gimp (any art program that can open and save in tga and dds)
Models - Max 3ds (save as a .alo)

The models are from the alamo engine. There will also be a map editor and various of other programs most are similar to that of the empire at war tools.


Judgement of the Jedi Mod Judgment of the Jedi is a total conversion mod for Universe at War: Earth Assault. The mod plans to create an ultra realistic mod supporting higher end machines with multiple Lods to support lower end machines. This mod is based on the big sci-fi hit of the Star Wars trilogy.

Universe at War Expanded Edition Mod This mod brings the new faction Military into the game as well as some new units and structures for them and the other factions as well as alot of reskins and a new military campaign.

LinksEdit - Judgement of the Jedi Link - Universe at War Expanded Edition Link

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