Mid masari inquisitor

Masari Inquisitor

General Edit

The Inquisitor is a flight-capable attack unit for Masari which can gain support and neutralization abilities. His pulse cannon is good against infantry, Walker hard points, and Masari Dark Matter Armor but bad against structures, heavy vehicles, and heroes.

Light Mode Edit

The Inquisitor flies in Light Mode. He has greater speed, vision, and attack range. He attacks air and ground. His shots apply damage over time.


Type: Medium Piloted Flying
Movement: Flying
Max. Speed: 3.0
Health: 350
Armor: Masari Aircraft
Sight: 275
Crush Defense: 30
Crush Power: N/A


Type: Pulse Cannon Light
Range: 0-255
Damage: 8
Shots per burst: 5
Shot Delay: 0.2 seconds
Recharge: 2.0 seconds
DPS: 13.3
DoT Type: Purifying Light
Damage: 6 per second
Duration: 10 seconds

Dark Mode Edit

The Inquisitor cannot fly in Dark Mode. He gains Dark Matter Armor. He attacks ground. His shots slow their target.


Type: Medium Piloted
Movement: Infantry
Max. Speed: 1.5
Health: 350
Armor: Masari Aircraft
DMA: 275
DMA Regen.: 8
Sight: 190
Crush Defense: 30
Crush Power: N/A


Type: Pulse Cannon Dark
Range: 0-170
Damage: 8
Shots per burst: 5
Shot Delay: 0.2 seconds
Recharge: 2.0 seconds
DPS: 13.3
Snare: 6%
Duration: 5.0 seconds

Production Edit

Method: Built by Flight Machina

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 60

Time unassisted: 00:48

1 Architect: 00:32
2 Architects: 00:24

Pop: 3

Upgrades Edit

Cleansing Energy

Effect: Harmful status affects are lost when the mode is changed

Method: Research Balance Branch Suite 3

Dark Matter Affinity

Effect: Dark Matter Armor is filled when Dark Mode is entered

Method: Research Dark Matter Branch Suite 3

Dark Matter Mastery

Effect: Dark Matter Armor regenerates in combat

Method: Research Dark Matter Branch Suite 4


Effects: Target friendly or enemy unit or structure:
-Cannot move, attack, use special abilities, or be attacked for 8 seconds
-Has all status effects removed

Method: Research Balance Branch Suite 2

Range: 200

Cooldown: 0:30 (from end of stasis)

Facilitated Growth

Effect: Improves Dark Matter Armor regeneration for nearby allies by 3

Method: Research Dark Matter Branch Suite 3

Radius: 100


Effect: Has 50% chance to reform at half health instantly when destroyed

Method: Research Light Matter Branch Suite 3

Damage vs. ArmorEdit

Pulse CannonEdit

Armor Type Modifier Damage DPS
Base 1.0 8 13.3
Infantry Light 1.25 10 16.6
Infantry Heavy 1.25 10 16.6
Vehicle Heavy 0.8 6.4 10.6
Masari Vehicle Elite 0.5 4 6.7
Alien Aircraft 0.7 5.6 9.3
Novus Aircraft 1.0 8 13.3
Masari Aircraft 1.0 8 13.3
Structure Turret 0.75 6 10
Structure Light 0.75 6 10
Structure Heavy 0.75 6 10
Hero 0.85 6.8 11.3
Hero Endure 0.5 4 6.7
Reaper 0.8 6.4 10.6
Walker Hardpoint 0.7 5.6 9.3
Walker Hardpoint Armor 0.5 4 6.7
Dark Matter Armor 1.25 10 16.6

Unit QuotesEdit

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Inquisitor here.
- I offer refuge for the humble.
- I am here for one and all.
- I await your command.
- Fear not, for I am with thee.
- For Atlatea.
- To arms!
- Make ready.
- I will fight for my people.
- I am your offense.
- There is evil at work here.
- They don't deserve this life.
- I will deliver them to death.
- Go forth.
- Enemy sighted.
- Be alert.
- We cannot stay here.
- I will stand guard.
- Trust me.
- Guardian of the Masari.
- Let's get in there.
- Do not delay.
- I will do what is right.
- I will guard that area.
- There is much to do.
- It is not my time.
- Behold . . . the ressurrection.
- Flights of angels wing me from my rest.
- Only a short release from the pain of death.
- They are immune to the world.
- The world does not exist for them.
- Be still.
- Inquisitor restored; awaiting command.


  • Use Destabilize the isolate enemy anti-air units and buildings so your air Inquisitors(and potentially, Sky Lords) can attack with impunity

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