Novus dervish

Novus Dervish

General Edit

The Dervish Jet is an elite Novus aircraft with blinding speed. Its antimatter shots stick to the target briefly before exploding, doing more damage if other antimatter shots are attached. It can attack ground and air. Its attack is stronger against aircraft and structures than infantry and heroes. Antimatter is devastating against Masari Dark Matter Armor. In design, the Humans' "Maverick" Jet resembles the Dervish, but can be recongized by their missiles.

When Advanced Flow is researched, vehicles will use the flow network.  However, they will only use the flow network if they will arrive at their destination faster via the network than normal movement.  The Dervish will often arive faster by simply flying to its destination, however because the flow network is stealthed, you may want to force a Dervish to use the flow network anyway.  This can be done just like any other unit, by double-ordering (double right clicking) the move twice in rapid succession.


Type: Medium Piloted Flying
Movement: Flying
Max. Speed: 5.2
Health: 325
Armor: Novus Aircraft
Sight: 240
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: N/A
Flow-capable: No (before research)


Type: Antimatter Bomb
Range: 50-220
Damage: 6
Chain Percentage: 20%
Shots per burst: 4
Shot Delay: 0.2 seconds
Recharge: 3.0 seconds
DPS: 6.7 (before antimatter chain)

Production Edit

Method: Built by Aircraft Assembly Plant

Dervish Assembly upgrade to Aircraft Assembly Plant

Cost: 850

Time: 0:28

Pop: 4

Special Abilities Edit

Death Blossom

Effect: The Dervish stops for 10 seconds and performs a point-blank area of effect attack for 3 seconds

Range: 100

Damage: 23 per second

Cooldown: 0:35 (from the end of the attack)


Advanced Flow

Effect: Can use flow network when ordered

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Purification

Effect: Harmful status effects are lost when the flow network is used

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Refinement

Effect: Price reduced by 25%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Flow

Effect: Flow speed increased by 50%

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 1

Damage vs. ArmorEdit

Antimatter BombEdit

Armor Type Modifier Damage DPS
Base 1.0 6 6.7
Infantry Light 0.8 4.8 5.4
Infantry Heavy 0.8 4.8 5.4
Masari Vehicle Elite 0.7 4.2 4.7
Aircraft 1.4 8.4 9.4
Structure Turret 0.95 5.7 6.4
Alien Structure Light 1.35 8.1 9.0
Alien Structure Heavy 1.45 8.7 9.7
Novus Structure Heavy 1.45 8.7 9.7
Masari Structure Heavy 1.55 9.3 10.4
Hero 0.85 5.1 5.7
Hero Endure 0.5 3 3.4
Reaper 1.3 7.8 8.7
Walker 1.02 6.1 6.8
Walker Hardpoint 1.05 6.3 7.0
Walker Hardpoint Armor 1.13 6.9 7.6
Dark Matter Armor 3.3 19.8 22.1

Death BloomEdit

Armor Type Modifier DPS
Base 1.0 23
Vehicle Light 1.25 28.8
Vehicle Heavy 1.25 28.8
Structure Turret 1.2 27.6
Structure Light 1.1 25.3
Structure Heavy 1.25 28.8
Hero 1.25 28.8
Hero Endure 0.85 19.6
Reaper 1.2 27.6
Dark Matter Armor 2.0 46

Unit QuotesEdit

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Dervish reporting.
- It's all a blur.
- Disengaging autopilot.
- The skies look friendly.
- Altitude is optimal.
- Starting my run!
- Area attack confirmed!
- Making my run!
- Engaging!
- I'll be right back!
- Target, locked in!
- Bombs away!
- Weapons hot!
- Lighting 'em up!
- Resistance is futile.
- Can't . . . hover . . . forever.
- Watch the turbulence!
- Aim high!
- Try to keep up!
- I'll run circles around them!
- FTL engaged!
- Already there.
- In record time!
- Thrusters at maximum!
- Double-time!
- Spinning up!
- Centrifugal force.
- May cause dizziness.
- Rotating out!


-The concept of the Novus Dervish jet resembles that of the Allied Harrier from Red Alert 2, as an Air Superiority Fighter-Bomber with hard hitting projectiles.

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