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Aircraft Assembly is the air vehicle production structure for Novus.


Type: Large Stationary
Health: 1,500
Armor: Novus Structure Heavy
Sight: 300
Crush Defense: 60


Method: Built by Constructor

Flow Generator

Recycling Center

Cost: 1,300

Time: 0:30

2 Constructors: 0:25
3 Constructors: 0:21

Limit: 5

Units ProducedEdit

Dervish Jet (requires Dervish Assembly)


Dervish Assembly

Effect: Allows production of Dervish Jet

Method: Direct upgrade to Aircraft Assembly

Science Center

Cost: 1,000

Time: 0:28

Matter Conversion

Effect: Structures sell starting at 100% of price instead of 50%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 3

Nanite Replacement

Effect: Unit costs reduced by 25%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Rebuild

Effect: Powered structures repair damage while not under attack

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 3

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